Vicky Newham

About me

I am a writer, living in Whitstable, Kent. I write crime fiction, both the police procedural variety and also the psychological thriller.

Since childhood I’ve been passionate about writing, and about the ability of language to express, evoke and transport. I enjoy writing more than anything. Yes, even more than chocolate and more than running (which I can’t do anymore).

I originally studied undergraduate French and German in London. When I finished that, I went into business. I then completed a degree in Psychology, and started a successful ten year career, teaching A-level Psychology. Whilst doing that, I obtained a postgraduate degree in learning. It is no coincidence that it was a fascination with human nature which took me into studying Psychology, and it is the same curiosity which drives and informs my writing. What I enjoy most when I write is to explore why people think, feel and behave the way they do within the context of their lives. After all humans are motivated by very similar wants and needs, but the way in which each person goes about achieving them is unique in subtle ways. I am fascinated by ‘ordinary’, ‘normal’ people and by the secrets that so often lurk within their lives and their outward personas. People who pretend to be something they’re not, and who lie to themselves. When my characters commit crimes I am interested in exploring their life trajectory and choices. Similarly, when people become psychopaths, serial killers, abusers, addicts, depressives – whatever – there are always complex reasons why.

Writing is not a new thing for me. Since I was a child I’ve written stories and zillions of unsent letters. As an adult, I’ve continued to write short stories and have over ten blogs … but have always yearned to write novels, and dramas for telly. Having studied a lot, and felt the pressure of “use your education” and “get a proper job”, I did, and became a teacher. Whilst I loved – and still do – my subject (Psychology), I longed to escape and do what I’ve always wanted to do: be a writer. So it’s taken a while, but … better late than never. My attitude to life is that it is too short to spend doing something that doesn’t make you happy. I left teaching to dedicate myself to finishing my debut crime novel and to trying to get it published. This novel – book one in a police procedural series – is almost ready to be sent out to agents. My recent move from Coulsdon, Surrey to the Kent coast is part of that commitment to my new life as a writer.

As publishing is very different now from what it was ten years ago, I am interested in how modern technology can help to make my work accessible to my readers around the world. Whilst I think that people – myself included – still like to hold a book or magazine in their hand, I believe that the digital age represents an exciting opportunity for writers via the immediacy and interactivity that it offers. I have plenty of marketing ideas which involve cutting edge technology, and therefore consider that I have a lot to ‘bring to the table’ for a publishing partner. I am blessed with plenty of energy and enthusiasm. I have always been good at spotting opportunities, and I don’t hang about.

My recent move to the coast has returned me to the sort of relaxed pace of life and sense of community which a rural upbringing gave me. When I’m not writing I am at my happiest walking along the seafront, cycling and being close to nature. But, after twenty years in London, I haven’t lost my love of music and film, and the lure of a good gig will get me on the train and out of the suburbs before the tickets have sold out!

In 2012 I began an MA Creative Writing at Kingston University, and completed this in 2014. I was thrilled to be awarded a distinction.


One thought on “About me

  1. Hi. I’m so jealous that you’re studying for an MA in creative Writing. One for my bucket list I think. Nice to find you here on WordPress, fellow wannabe novelist!

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